Project DTN-1

The Darlington Skate Park NoiseBin (Can-a-Saurus?)

We have been invited by DaSRA to manage the design+build of a container collection point as an interactive sculpture, adjacent to the Darlington Community Garden and Skate Park.

About the Project

Here are some of the questions people have been asking. We're continually updating the website, so if there's anything you can't find here we suggest you fill in our suggestion form or else
email us your questions.


1. Who are you?

The NoiseBin Collective are a creative team of artists and engineers who live locally. We like to build innovative and fun solutions to community needs.

2. What are you trying to do?

The initial inspiration came when a few Darlington residents suggested the encouragement of container recycling by creating a deposit bin that is also an interactive sculpture.

More importantly we saw an opportunity for young people to take a leading role in the community, given the right mentoring and support. The NoiseBin Collective have the skills and time to provide this.

Our young people can create a bin that makes recycling fun, and reduce litter around the lower area of the reserve - if we support them in the right spirit.

3. Why are you doing this?

This is a community project in which young people should be central and lead us to solutions. They have unique perspectives and creative talents which should earn them a position of respect in our community.

Our role will be to clear the obstacles before them, and lend our life skills and professional experience to their purpose.

Waste and sustainability are matters that concern the whole community, but it is the young who are most ready to adopt new tactics and who face the greatest long-term impacts.

They should rightly be at the forefront of innovation and change for the better, and we're ready to lend our skills and our tools.

Has anyone got a recording studio?
We could use a recording studio!

Besides, who doesn't enjoy getting a random noise when you pop something in a bin?

4. How will the project work?

Our project plan is essentially:

  • Introductory workshops - in your school and local venues
  • Sign-up and form teams
  • Design+Build workshop sessions
  •   ...  
  • Public showcase session
  • <Repeat until done>
  • Delivery and community testing
  • Hand-over and continuing operation

More details of the plan will be available soon, along with workshop dates.

5. What is a NoiseBin?

We took our group's name from the World's Deepest Rubbish Bin built for the 1990s' Rolighetsteorin (Fun Theory) campaign by Volkswagen in Sweden. In the video you can see how simply playing a sound effect caught the attention of people around the bin, and increased recycling activity.

In this project for Darlington's Sports and Recreation Association (DaSRA) we want to make something clever, multi-purpose and evolving so that it is never boring!.

We want our Contributors to come up with an endless stream of ideas for engaging behaviour, which can be added over time. We hope to use an embedded microcomputer controlling visuals, sound and movement, with internet access.


Perhaps you have a brilliant idea!

Shoot us an email, or sign up and get on the team yourself!

6. When will it be finished?

We are building what we call a NoiseBin Prototype over Terms Two and Three of 2021.

We will put on occasional 'Showcases' during this period where we demonstrate the parts of the system that are working, and if possible we will put a partially complete NoiseBin on display while we continue to work.

Our Prototype will be deliberately minimal to allow us to get it running as soon as possible, however we will continue to upgrade and extend it after it is installed.

We particularly want to restart the design process again next year, and allow a new team of Contributors to take a fresh approach to the design.

If you sign up as an Observer in this year's project, we will ask you back next year as a Contributor because you will have learnt a great deal about design thinking, and the technical disciplines involved.

From this it should be apparent that the NoiseBin may never have to be truly 'finished' 😉

7. Who can participate, and is there any cost?

Anyone can play a part in the project, subject to our health and safety standards - for example adults will be asked to provide a Working With Children certificate.

There is no cost, but we're always looking for ways to fund parts and minor expenses. If you have ideas about funding, please share them with us.

We are focusing on young people from ages 9 to 19, for whom we hope to provide social and technical skills as well as an important role in the community.

Also fun, definitely fun!

Read more about who we're looking for and how you can get involved on our 'People' page.